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M –29
Point Pleasant, West Virginia
United States



Custom Roll-cages (Design Phase)

By derrick_gillespie

I always come across threads in my favorite forums with members asking about custom roll-cages. For one they are a little hard to make if your not so lucky to own materials or tools to make them. Today i am gonna write up some steps to make it a little easier for anyone to get one started.

The first thing you need to do is draw up some plans. When you do this you should use graph paper (it is easier to make sure everything is symmetrical, but if your short on cash you can use any type of paper), a ruler, a protractor, and obviously a pencil. Make sure your plans are as close to scale as possible. Take your time coming up with your design because it has to be a perfect fit.

After you have the ultimate cage drawn up the fun starts. The things you need for a mock up are scissors or a hobby knife and bendy straws. Don't skimp when it come to the straws, the more bendy the better. If the draft of your design was scale this will be very easy. Just measure the straws to your design, all that left in this step is to cut and tape where needed to have a full on mock up.

All you really got left of the design phase is a test fit. The reasoning behind this, besides the obvious, is to find a place to attach it to the chassis. When you figure out where you want to attach the cage mock up a "mounting plate" with a piece of a soda box. Glue it to the cage and make sure it is the exact size it needs to be complete with holes. Make sure you have room for the biggest battery that you plan on using in your R/C. Remember once the cage is all made and installed you wont be able to bend anything to make it fit even a millimeter.

The next blog will be my ideas on fabrication. I will include what i have seen on the web and a few of my own ideas since i have a degree in auto fabrication.

Thanks for reading,

Threading a receiver wire into an antenna tube.

By derrick_gillespie

Today I was watching some Youtube videos from my friends at Ultimate RC and I came along one where Jang, rather lengthily, gave a walk-through on how to do this. While I'm not bashing Jang at all, the guy knows ALOT more than me and has helped me out on some problems of my own, I have come across a much faster, easier, and cheaper way to do this (because you, your parents, or your wife already have what is needed)

Your receiver with the wire intact.
Your fingers.
Some Windex
An antenna tube

This walk-through will not include pictures this time because it is a fairly easy one to explain.

1. Your wire is probably all muffed up or you wouldn't be reading this. Take the wire and hold it in-between the top of your thumb nail and your index finger.

2. Slowly pull the wire between your clamp of death. Repeat this while turning the wire about 1/4 around each time you pull it.

3. Once your wire is fairly straight you are ready for step 4.

4. Grab your antenna tube and blow through it to make sure it don't have any crap in it.

5. Grab your Windex and hold the tube hole over the pinhole the Windex sprays out.

6. Spray the Windex 3 or 4 times.

7. Wrap your receiver in a paper towel and start sliding the wire through.

8. Your done. Let the tube with the wire hang off the side of your work space for about 15 minutes so you don't run a chance of getting your receiver wet.


Ultimate RC site > www.ultimaterc.com
Jangs walk-through > http://www.yo...v=e3ka-NQIGv8

Guide to putting a 2.2 tire on a 2.8 rim.

By derrick_gillespie

Tools and supplies needed:
4 2.2 Tires
4 2.8 Wheels
1 medium-small flathead screwdriver
1 small X-acto Knife
1 roll Duct Tape
1 bottle of Gorilla brand Super Glue - not the brown stuff

1. Remove bead from 2.2 tire.

2. "Tape" the inside of the tire to tame down the balloon effect.

3. Insert foam of choice.

4. Pre-heat oven to 425 or 450 degrees, depending on your oven

5. Once pre-heated turn oven off, set the timer for 20 minutes.

6. Insert 2.8 rims into oven chrome side down and start timer.

7. Pull 2.8 tires off 2.8 rims.

8. Slide 2.2 tires onto 2.8 rims

9. Use screwdriver to tuck the tire into the slit of the rim. Its kinda tricky but you'll figure it out.

10. Run a line of glue where the tire meets the rim.

11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 on the other side of the rim.

Your done! Good Job Homie!



Radio Control > derrick_gillespie’s Workbench > Blog

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