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Threading a receiver wire into an antenna tube.

By derrick_gillespie

Today I was watching some Youtube videos from my friends at Ultimate RC and I came along one where Jang, rather lengthily, gave a walk-through on how to do this. While I'm not bashing Jang at all, the guy knows ALOT more than me and has helped me out on some problems of my own, I have come across a much faster, easier, and cheaper way to do this (because you, your parents, or your wife already have what is needed)

Your receiver with the wire intact.
Your fingers.
Some Windex
An antenna tube

This walk-through will not include pictures this time because it is a fairly easy one to explain.

1. Your wire is probably all muffed up or you wouldn't be reading this. Take the wire and hold it in-between the top of your thumb nail and your index finger.

2. Slowly pull the wire between your clamp of death. Repeat this while turning the wire about 1/4 around each time you pull it.

3. Once your wire is fairly straight you are ready for step 4.

4. Grab your antenna tube and blow through it to make sure it don't have any crap in it.

5. Grab your Windex and hold the tube hole over the pinhole the Windex sprays out.

6. Spray the Windex 3 or 4 times.

7. Wrap your receiver in a paper towel and start sliding the wire through.

8. Your done. Let the tube with the wire hang off the side of your work space for about 15 minutes so you don't run a chance of getting your receiver wet.


Ultimate RC site > www.ultimaterc.com
Jangs walk-through > http://www.yo...v=e3ka-NQIGv8

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Radio Control > derrick_gillespie’s Workbench > Blog > Threading a receiver wire into an antenna tube.

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